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Alcoholic Drinks


Our Story

Pegasus Supply Solutions was established in 2007, Sydney Australia. From humble beginnings, we have quickly grown, developing a reputation for service and integrity, resulting in Pegasus now supplying goods to the majority of cruise ships operating from and visiting Australia.


Since 2009, Pegasus has gone onto develop strategic relationships with companies operating in Asia and the Pacific, allowing us to expand and service an increasing number of clients. This has enabled us to promote and export Australian-made goods to these markets, something we are very proud of.

Our Vision

Outstanding customer service is the core focus of Pegasus Supply Solutions and our team is constantly evolving our systems and service to guarantee you the best.


As we continue to grow with the industry, we are involved with key suppliers to develop and introduce new product lines, enabling suppliers to enter new markets and providing you with a greater choice of quality products.

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